Eldercare Advocate: Training & Certification

IMG_2015 copy copy copy – Version 2The Art of Parentcare LLC offers training and certification for Eldercare Advocates.  There are two programs to choose from, Eldercare Advocate and Certified Eldercare Consultant.

Eldercare Advocate: This learning program will help you develop skills to assess the spiritual, physical, emotional and safety needs for Elders in your family and beyond. You will be guided to identify local resources to assist Elders and their families. The focus of the Eldercare Advocate is to promote dignity, independence and comfort and be a supportive presence for older adults and their families.  The training will help the learner develop strategies for communicating family members, medical providers and  support agencies; discovering local resources; identifying signs or risk factors of abuse, neglect, exploitation and depression and who to contact; working with Elders to enhance their sense of purpose, contribution, spiritual connection and relationships; understanding the importance of Advance Directives and end of life planning with Elders and their families.

Eldercare Advocates are not intended to replace mental health workers, social workers, or medical providers, but in some cases, to help Elders access those providers for assistance. They are resource finders and advocates, and assist in developing resources to maximize comfort, safety, dignity and independence.  They may volunteer their services or accept pay for them.

Certified Eldercare Consultant: The consultant program prepares students educate families and community groups; develop relationships and collaborate in creation of new supportive networks for Elders and their families within their community.  Additional training and materials are available for hosting support groups for families struggling with multi-generational caring responsibilities. As the aged population grows, organizations will need help creating ways to reach out and provide spiritual care, activities, respite, support and socialization opportunities.  The Eldercare Consultant role is that of grassroots “change agent”, teaching about local resources, and build supportive networks in their communities.  Workbooks and other materials are available through Art of Parentcare, LLC for class and support group participants, and provide a framework for conversation and teaching.

Certification requirements: successful completion of the Eldercare Advocate training, with additional readings, problem solving projects and community needs assessments guided by the program. Certification is maintained through continuing education and biannual review.

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