Mission Statement

IMG_0744.JPGThe Art of Parentcare LLC informs and works with families, churches, and community groups to develop strong, supportive networks which value, care for and empower Elders. By providing relevant and current information and education, APC Eldercare Advocates will develop basic skills to assess the needs of Elders in their family and community. Additional certification may be obtained so that support and information may be shared through taught classes and facilitated support groups in a variety of settings.

The Co-Generational family is the primary resource for aging adults. The strengths of each generation are supportive tools enriching the whole. In absence of local nuclear or extended family, community organizations can develop care and safety networks to support and encourage their aging members and Elders in their broader community. Art of Parentcare LLC trained Advocates assist in resource finding, promoting safety and socialization and communicate with families who live at a distance from isolated or home bound Elders. Older adults can have a particular reliable person review their needs, thereby avoiding circumstances which too frequently induce unnecessary crises in the family as a whole.

The Art of Parentcare shares information through media including written word, webinars, podcasts; internet information sites; formal distance-learning curriculum; local workshops and conferences. Consulting services are available for individuals, families, faith-based and community organizations desiring to address the needs of Elders, develop systems to provide support and outreach, and support and encourage family who live at distance from the Elder but wish to stay involved.