Eldercare Consulting

ATTENTION: If your parent or an elder you know is in danger of exploitation, neglect, or abuse contact your local Adult or Elder Protective Service office or local law enforcement.

Car stuck in mud

Don’t get stuck.  Let me help you map out plans and back up plans to reduce the impact of those bumpy stretches of road we all travel when trying to meet the needs of both our Elder and younger family members. Thoughtful Eldercare involves planning for things that may happen, and having a back-up plan for those unexpected events so that we don’t get stuck.  Too much information can immobilize us as we try to help Elders with their choices and needs.  Conflicting information can be confusing.  Your parents or the other Elders in your community may deny they need help.  This is frustrating and can lead to crisis. Plans have to be made without time for exploring all your choices. This stressful “reacting” to crisis isn’t good for anyone. Conversations can be challenging to hold.

Katherine Silver, RN, BSN, CCM, MASM is passionate about helping families on this journey.  She knows personally and professionally the juggle it is to parent one’s children and provide support to a maturing parent.  She can review with you your local an family resources and  help you make a plan to help your older adult be safe, maximize independence and maintain dignity. She will talk with you about any parent/child/parent communication challenges.

For more information on Eldercare consultation services, please complete and submit our contact form. If your family situation is in crisis, please email your name, contact number and best time to call, the State you or your parents reside in and brief description of your concern to consulting@artofparentcare.com

Important Disclaimer:  The goal of every encounter is to promote dignity, family unity, and safety for all. Eldercare by multiple generations (including the Elder) should be enriched by our conversations. This is achieved by providing the best information possible to help you find resources in your local community to support your family’s spiritual, physical and emotional health. Art of Parentcare LLC consulting services are not meant to replace visits with pastoral, medical or mental health providers, to make medical diagnoses or psychological counseling.  Art of Parentcare LLC offers a listening ear, suggestions and strategies, and can assist in identifying local resources  you may be able to use to strengthen communication and balance stress with respite.